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Box Saka-saka / saga-saga
  • Box Saka-saka / saga-saga

    Saka-Saka / Saga-saga, also called "pondu" in some regions, is a culinary treasure of Central Africa. This tasty dish is made from cassava leaves carefully cooked in a peanut and palm oil sauce, often accompanied by fish or meat.


    It is a real ode to the richness of African flavors, where each bite reveals deep and harmonious notes. With Kiss n'Box, the adventure of Saka-Saka or Saga-saga is at your fingertips. We guide you with clear instructions so that you can make this traditional dish at home, combining simplicity and authenticity.


    Soak up the flavors of Central Africa and let Saka-Saka take you on an unforgettable culinary journey


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